“To hide my pain, I’ll become even more crooked.”



Since it marks a year since I’ve joined this god forsaken website, I think it’s time for a follow forever! Here’s a shoutout to all my mutuals! Thank you guys so much for following me and decorating my dash with such great posts♥ I want to expecially thank those who have been with me since I…

Anonym asks: Can you do EXO's reaction to their girlfriend being super clumsy and tripping or accidentally breaking something? (I'm really super clumsy so I kind of want to see XD) thank you!!!


It’s okay, I’m pretty clumsy too XD

Xiumin: Oh no honey, again? Are you alright?


Luhan: *Tries his best to hold in his laughter but fails.*


Kris: Uh…Do you want a band aid?


Suho: *Guardian angel Suho at your service. He adds ice, pressure and elevates what you fell on. Brings you painkillers and tea* There. All better ;)


Lay: No, you’re okay, it’s okay. *rushes you to the hospital anyway* Just to be safe


Baekhyun: *After you get home from the hospital* you know…. Even with that broken arm you’re still sexy *blushy baek*


Chen: *Gets on the ground with you where you lay* Aish….. What am I gonna do with you…


Chanyeol: *Can’t believe you fell…again.  Then points you out to the other members you’re with* Guys! Look! 


D.O: *Not surprised you fell…… not at all hehe  **SATAN SOO**


Kai: *Jumps* OH! Oh no, you okay??


Tao: Lol what are you even doing?


Sehun: Mkay if you’re going to be a baby about falling, at least be cute like me. *aegyo activate*




Tell me how this chick got past her trainee days as a dude because like she got #mulan skills up in here, yo.


*disbelief you pulled it off*


"Alright. Who knew about this and DIDN’T TELL US?"


*actually regrets letting you be the manly one in multiple…

Anonym asks: haaaiii :) can i request a reaction? you and exo member have sex and your mother comes in!


Hey hey guuul hope you’ll like what I did here!

Sehun: *Your mom: Why are you laughing,you little punk!Is this funny to you?

Not at all mam!But did you know that you tend to do the angy bird face when you’re angry,just like Kris hyung!


Kai: *speaks in one breath*It wasn’t my fault.She made me do it, please don’t kick me out before dinner time.I saw you made chicken!


Tao: *Your mom:Oh my god sweat heart are you okay? I heard you screaming!*

*cocky smile on his face*Eomoni I can assure you she wan’t screaming from pain…..


Kyungsoo:*comes out of the closet after your mom left the room* Is she out?Thank you,dark lord for giving me the inspiration to lock the door!


Chanyeol:*covers you with the blanket*This isn’t what it looks like eomoni!She was cold and I read somewhere that body heat can help!


Chen:*gif talks for himself*Why do you always forget to lock the door?


Baekhyun:*re-evaluates his life* Your mom saw my Baeky! How can I look her in the eyes now?


Lay:*no more words cause the gif says it all*


Suho:*You:But mom we’re both adults and we both wanted this*

*in the mean time he’s shaking his head mouthing*She made me do it,I’m innocent!


Kris:*starts talking gibberish*


Luhan:*Your mom:I hope for both of your sakes this is not what I think it is*

No,no no, we where just sitting, on the bed, not doing anything!

*Your mom: Then why are all of your clothes on the floor*



Xiumin:*acts on instinct and ends up waving like a mad kid*


Anonym asks: Can you do a Chen scenario where you and Chen are having sex and one of the EXO members walk in on you.


oh dear lord~ Here we go! I’m gonna work hard on this one because Chen never sees the light of day in scenarios. BUT it will be pretty short due to all the scenarios I have to do. BUT BUT BUT it will make you cry from frustration. cx - Admin K



Your back was pressed firmly to the bed and your head was tilted up as your boyfriend, Chen, kissed and sucked on your neck leaving red marks everywhere.

You thrusted your bottom half, which was only covered by your panties, into Chen’s boxer covered bottom half. A deep groan made its way out of his skillful mouth making you even more wet then you already were.

"You’re so damn hot Y/N" He growled in your ear and then made eye contact with you, making you whimper under his stare.

"Oppa" You whimpered and grinded your hips once more. Chen groaned and took off your panties with one motion.

He wasted no time in taking two of his fingers and rubbing them along your sensitive area. 

This sensual feeling causes you to erupt into a fit of moans and saying ‘Jongdae’ between a few of them.

"That’s right baby. Say my name. Moan it for me baby." He muttered as he slid those two fingers of his into you and began moving them in and out at a rapid motion.

This made you buck your hips at a faster pace. Soon you found yourself almost loosing it until Chen pulled his fingers all the way out.

"No, no, no Jagiya you don’t get to yet." He said and then pulled off his boxers. Once they were thrown to the floor he took a condom packet and ripped it open with his teeth.

Sitting up a bit, you took the condom from his hands and slid it over his rock, hard erection.

Chen’s body shuttered with pleasure as you touched his erection. You took your hands away and kissed Chen on the lips.

His muscular arms slid around your body and pushed you up off the bed, into his bare chest. Your arms held onto his back as your kissed him with passion.

Just as he was about to insert his member into your core you heard the door creak open.

Your eyes went wide as tennis balls and pulled back from Chen’s lips.

"Chen someone opened the door." You tell him.

Chen groaned and threw his head back in fruseration.

"Who’s there?" Chen asked as he turned around, covering up his member and you with the blanket.

"OH SORRY." Kyungsoo’s voice was heard through out the room.

"Get out!" Chen whined as he threw a pillow at the door.

The door shut leaving you two alone once again. Chen looked back down at you and smirked.

"So where were we." He growled and kissed your lips.

One Night


Fandom: EXO/EXO M

Genre: Smut

Warning(s): None

Summary: In which a one night stand turns into more than Kris can handle.

A/N: I accidentally deleted the original post in my mass post editing spree… (I went from over 25,000 to like 5,000 ish), so I’m reposting. This is also the part I submitted to exopicfics. There is also a second and third part to this.

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Kai - Phone Sex



Kai lies in the empty dorm, phone in hand. He groans as he buries his face into his pillow. He’s been sitting there for half an hour, the number of a girl given to him by a friend lying on the bed beside him.

All he knows is that she’s his age and a phone sex operator.

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